British midwife Leah Hazard, part of the UK’s magnificent National Health Service, has written a most fascinating and important new book, WOMB:  The Inside Story of Where We All Began.

From the review in the New York Times by Christina Cauterucci:  ““Indeed, the question of what to make of the womb feels particularly fraught in this post-Roe moment of mounting restrictions on reproductive health care. Hazard devotes just a few pages toward the end of the book to such regulations, but it is impossible to read the preceding chapters, crammed as they are with accounts of how this staggeringly complex organ can function and malfunction, without thinking of the hubris it takes to legislate against the womb. Even with the best health care modern medicine can provide, the uterus can cause immense pain, injury and death. When that care is impeded by anti-abortion laws, the dangers multiply.“

Here’s the review in The Guardian.

Get your copy today at Semicolon Chicago or Women and Children First.  Chicago is fortunate to have two such fine feminist booksellers.