Jane’s Due Process, a most wonderful organization, reports:

We Condemn the Abortion Travel Bans

Jane’s Due Process is appalled by the travel bans that have been proposed in communities across Texas. We know these ordinances are tools of oppression to scare and confuse Texans about their right to leave the state for legal abortions or help their family and friends do so. We want Texans to know that we are confident these ordinances are unenforceable and unconstitutional. These cruel and repressive ordinances have not passed everywhere they’ve been proposed, and even those who have voted for these ordinances in various communities have expressed concerns over the ultimate enforceability of these laws. Alderwoman Laura Almond in Llano, Texas said she was concerned that the ordinance “could pit neighbor against neighbor.”

At this moment, our primary concern is letting young people in Texas know they can still call us if they are considering traveling for abortion care – abortion care that Texans should be able to access in their own state. Everyone, no matter where they live, deserves access to reproductive freedom and the ability to make decisions about their own bodies and lives. Our hotline is still open, providing information and assistance to young Texans seeking to do just that.