Don’t miss — Personal PAC’s 30th Awards Luncheon featuring Gretchen Whitmer, Governor of Michigan

Your Choice - My Choice … But ALWAYS A Choice

Pregnancy can be a blessing or a curseSometimes you need to end it. You might be too young, too old, too sick, too poor, or already have all the kids you can manage. You might be in an abusive relationship.  Whatever.  It’s your body and your life.  If you choose abortion, all you need feel is relief. Abortion is medical care. And it’s a lot safer than carrying to term and giving birth.

We will never give up, and we will never give in, until this precious human right is safeguarded.
We invite you to join us.

October 17: Personal PAC's 30th Annual Awards Luncheon Featuring Gretchen Whitmer

If there’s one single reason why Illinois is a pro-choice state, it’s Personal PAC. So don’t miss their 30th Annual Awards Luncheon featuring the amazing Gretchen Whitmer, Governor of Michigan.  Get your tickets today.  It’s on Tuesday, October 17th at the Chicago Hilton, 720 South Michigan.

September 28: Stop Fake Clinics - A Pro-Abortion Picket Line

A big coalition, including Reproductive Transparency Now, has come together for a Pro-Abortion Picket Line in downtown Chicago on at 5:00 pm on Thursday September 28th, to protest an anti-abortion fundraiser being held at the Union League Club.  Please RSVP on EventBrite and the Facebook event page.