Author and columnist Maureen Dowd tells it like it is in her column “Supreme Contempt for Women“, published in the New York Times print edition on December 17, 2023.  (Here’s the gift article.)

Reflecting on the hell that Irish women had endured when abortion was illegal there, Dowd writes, “I remember having a flash of gratitude that I lived in America and not Ireland.  I thought to myself that I would hate living in such a benighted country shaped by religious fanatics.  But now I am.  Religious fanatics on the Supreme Court have yanked America back to back alleys.  American women are punished, branded with Scarlet Letters, forced to flee to get procedures.”

Dowd concludes:  “It is outrageous that such an important right in America was stripped away by a handful of cloistered, robed zealots, driven by religious doctrine, with no accountability.  But the Savonarola wing of the Supreme Court — all Catholics except Neil Gorsuch, who was raised Catholic and went to the same suburban Washington Catholic prep school as Brett Kavanaugh — could go to even more extreme lengths. The court announced Wednesday that it will consider curtailing the availability of a pill used to terminate first-trimester pregnancies. Soon, it’ll be mandating the rhythm method.”

I’m looking forward to reading the book “Savita: The Tragedy That Shook A Nation“, by Kitty Holland, that Ms. Dowd refers to in her column.

Post published Jan 26, 2024