Toby’s Fund for Reproductive Health Equity is our sister organization.  Toby’s Fund subsidizes those from McHenry County who have made the choice to exercise their right to an abortion and emergency contraception but lack the financial resources.

The chosen clinic or health care service assesses a person’s economic situation to determine the need for financial assistance.  Toby’s Fund never scrutinizes the choice someone has made. It works directly with clinics and centers and does not collect names or personal data.

Toby’s Fund is named in honor of Toby Levin, who did much to advance the cause of reproductive justice in McHenry County.  Visit Toby’s Fund to learn more and to contribute.  Your contributions to Toby’s Fund will directly help women and girls in need from McHenry County.  Toby’s Fund is a “501-c-3” charitable organization, so your contribution may be tax-deductible.